To address the wide range of requirements in the markets we serve, our product selection is designed to offer a choice of options including composite insulation coating, fabric insulation blankets, metal foil insulation blankets, sheet metal blankets, fire barrier systems, non-metallic fire shields, composite structures and silicone seals. Click on the images below to learn more about the products we manufacture.

Metal Foil Insulation Blankets

Stainless steel encapsulated insulation blankets

Fabric Insulation Blankets

Flexible fabric encapsulated insulation blankets

Non-Metallic Fire Shields

Aluminized Silicone molded fire shields that meet...

Composite Structures

Light weight nonmetallic composite structures

Composite Insulation Coating

Cured resin coated cloth that provides a durable p...

Fire Barrier Systems

UL 2 hour rated fire barriers for expansion joints

Sheet Metal Blankets

Heavy-duty sheet metal products designed to withst...

Silicone Seals

Fabric reinforced fire resistant seals