From commuter cars or F1 racers to long-haul trucks and city buses, all types of vehicles require high-performance insulation. Whether screaming around the track or rolling across a desert highway, our insulation products manage heat and protect delicate components in any environment. The result is uncompromising protection with unmatched performance.

Supported Vehicles


  • High-performance and racing cars
  • Standard automobiles
  • Motorcycles
  • Long-haul trucks
  • Emergency response vehicles


  • Trains
  • Light rail
  • Buses
  • Coaches
  • Para transit
  • Trolleys


  • Firewall insulation
  • Exhaust system shielding
  • Manifold shielding
  • Emissions/after-treatment shielding
  • Sound Suppression
  • Interior components
  • Insulated ducting systems
  • Wall and ceiling panels
  • Component assembly
  • Floorboard insulation
  • Turbo shields and covers
  • Manifolds
  • Header bags
  • Gas tank shielding

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