Metal Foil Insulation Blankets


  • Superior durability of 321 stainless steel skins extends insulation life
  • Protects insulation material from fluid ingression
  • Capable of direct flame exposure
  • Can be formed to fit complex contour shapes
  • Can be washed with solvent or steam cleaned


  • Cost Effective
  • Easy Installation

The metal foil insulation blanket has been the cornerstone of Thermal Structures product base for almost 50 years. Thermal Structures is among the world’s largest suppliers of metal foil blankets.

Insulation material is encapsulated between stainless steel or inconel metal foil skins. Skins are typically press formed to provide a precision fit with a mating housing surface.

Foil blankets are usually designed to be removable to access the component or structure underneath. Blanket sections are usually attached together using lock wire, metal tie straps, Velcro™, springs or latches.

Typical applications include combustor cases, internal engine insulation, ducting & Valves.