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Medium and Heavy Duty Vehicles

Every day large vehicles move people and products, build roads, homes and offices, harvest crops and even save lives. As emissions standards become increasingly stringent, the need for effective insulation is more important than ever. Thermal Structures products are engineered to exceed the demands of these standards while withstanding the extreme heat and constant vibration that comes with vehicle applications.

Vehicle Types

  • Construction Equipment
  • Long-Haul Trucks
  • Emergency Response Vehicles
  • Mining Equipment
  • Agricultural Machinery


  • Exhaust Shielding
  • Firewall Insulation
  • Emissions Related Shielding
  • Manifold Shielding
  • Turbo Shields and Covers
  • Radiant Shielding
  • Sound Suppression
  • Insulated Ducting Systems
  • Interior Components
  • Wall and Ceiling Panels
  • Component Assembly

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On Hwy


From commuter cars to F1 racers and everything in-between, vehicles require high-performance insulation. Screaming around the track or bouncing across the desert, our insualtion products manage heat and protect delicate components in any environment

Supported Vehicles

  • High-Performance Cars
  • Standard Automotive
  • Motorcycles


  • Floorboard Insulation
  • Turbo Shields and Covers
  • Emissions Related Shielding
  • Manifolds
  • Firewall Insulation
  • Exhaust System Insulation
  • Header Bags
  • Gas Tank Shielding