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World class insulation and composite products.

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  • A leading supplier to Aerospace, Automotive, Mass Transit & Power Generation Industries
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Thermal Structures

Has become an industry leader by providing products and support that exceeds customer expectations. Our challenge is to design and manufacture solutions for even the most complex applications. From concept to completion, we have the resources to meet this challenge with products that offer world class quality and value.

Materials & design

Each project presents certain unique requirements for thermal and acoustic performance. Our products are designed to function in a variety of operating environments which may include exposure to extreme temperatures, flame, chemicals, vibration, and high velocity air flow.

Working with a wide range of materials, Thermal Structures is able to select the optimum combination for every application. Computerized thermal analysis aids in this selection process by allowing us to quickly evaluate several alternatives and choose the most cost effective materials to meet specific design and performance criteria. Special consideration is also given to each material’s weight, thickness, and durability.

Engineering & tooling

Thermal Structures provides complete engineering support, beginning with product development and continuing through the production cycle. We work closely with customers on new programs and strive for continuous improvement to existing designs. Because most of our tooling is designed and manufactured on site, Thermal Structures is able to support even the most demanding schedules. Tooling may be produced from customer drawings, electronic data, or actual hardware, and can be modified quickly and inexpensively to support design changes. Offering a full range of engineering and tooling capabilities. Thermal Structures is well suited to assist customers with prototypes and short runs as well as high volume production programs.

Attention to detail

Is evident in every step of the manufacturing process. With over 55 years of experience, Thermal Structures has gained a reputation for excellence. The products and services we provide reflect the company’s expertise.


Thermal Structures operates facilities in California and Indiana that comprise over 200,000 square feet of manufacturing space. Located approximately 50 miles east of Los Angeles, our main plant in Corona, California has been specifically designed to accommodate a wide variety of materials and product lines. Insulation products for the aerospace, mass transit, automotive and construction industries are produced using metal, fabric and composites to encapsulate numerous types of fibrous and cast insulation materials. Experienced personnel and cell manufacturing concepts are utilized to assure consistently high quality and responsive production lead times.


Using statistical data and stringent inspection techniques, each manufacturing process is carefully controlled to assure that finished products consistently meet all customer specifications. As a testimony to Thermal Structures’ proven track record for outstanding quality, orders are often shipped directly to customer stock. Because we have extensive experience supplying product for aerospace, commercial and industrial applications, we are able to comply with all types of quality requirements efficiently and economically.


Attention to detail doesn’t stop with finished product. We remain committed to meeting the ever-changing needs of customers by offering value added services such as electronic order processing, specialized packaging & bar coding, “just-in-time” delivery, and on site technical support. Thermal Structures takes pride in providing exceptional service that ensures complete satisfaction.

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